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The Five Observables

Last updated: July 4, 2021

"Five Observables" is a term used by UFO researcher Luis Elizondo to describe the extraordinary traits shared by some UFOs:

  • Anti-gravity: UFOs seem to be able to generate lift, without any visible propellers, wings, or rocket propellant. This may be a form of antigravity that is yet to be discovered by humans.
  • Instant acceleration: Many UFOs are observed accelerating extremely quickly, beyond any known object. This acceleration creates massive g-forces that would normally crush any ship or its occupants.
  • Hypersonic speed without signatures: UFOs have been seen traveling at several times the speed of sound. Normally, hypersonic speeds should create loud sonic booms, but UFOs seem to travel silently.
  • Low observability: UFOs seem to have the ability to avoid detection, cloaking themselves from radar and visual instruments. When they are detected, they sometimes disappear without warning.
  • Trans-medium travel: Some UFOs seem to travel effortlessly between space, air, and water. That means they can withstand a huge range of pressure, from the high pressure of the ocean to the low (almost nonexistent) pressure of space - and they can maneuver through all three mediums.

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